Graphologist handwriting and signature analysis obama

Keep navigating this website to continue discovering graphology basics and What is graphology? Those who sign with arches, attain to social norms and conventionalisms. He also possesses Perfectionism in his personality and that may be the reason i.

Clinton moves the starting point of the written lines more and more to the right Ktoward the right margin; the left margin widens. Obama writes the capital letter of his surname as a circle and bisects it F.

Graphologically graphologist handwriting and signature analysis obama, this reflects a tremendous desire to be the center of attention. Carefulness is shown by the short t-bar dashes and the orderly writing.

Handwriting Analysis Signature: How to Make a Good Signature

This may sound a very obvious trait for a person who is arguably the most Powerful person on Earth, handling country as big as United States and many a crucial World affairs. Look at he color of the ink they have chosen. No lines are tangled; this displays one who is clearheaded.

Regarding the existing distance between text and signature, if it is located to the right, it denotes introversion, regression, while those individuals who sign towards the right are, in general, extroverted, sociable and open.

I need someone who is physically and mentally suited to the job- Pressure of the writing, heavy pressure implies the writer is physically fit and energetic, usually strong-willed and confident, very light pressure could indicate someone who is very timid, with low energy levels, or poor health.

It is the graphical summary of the most intimate traits of personality.

Graphology At Work

This recommendation goes for young people who start signing legal documents such as contracts, driver licenses, passports and bank papers, among others. Although the teacher is shared, and the same letters are taught with the same method, each person writes with their own imprint.

Rubric is a line or set of lines added to the name to sign that individualize the signature of each person. Lack of concentration is seen when spaces between words and lines are incremented.

The pen used to sign historic legislation itself becomes a historical artifact. Those who sign with their name only or give more importance to the name than the last name, grant more importance to that first stage of life and to their childish ego. Aggressive, resolved and determined spirit.

Locked into their own ideas. However, the wide spaces between words and the illegibility tell another story. The figure 8 g is an indication of literary ability and the curve of several of his letters f, b, p are an indication of feeling pressure from the future.

The distance between name and last name is linked to the psychological bond or separation between what they both represent name: The Power of Speaking with Purpose and Vision highlighting his techniques that makes him a speaker par excellence. People whose signatures include curves where angles should appear are softer, sociable, extroverted, affectionate, sensual and with a tendency to laziness.

He is not an idealist pursuing intellectual flights of imagination. Writing is an expression of cerebral functionality, which is expressed as an objective element in a piece of paper.

Variability of writing is constant and permanent, because we do not always feel the same way, even in short periods of time. Handwriting Analyst It is demonstrated that there is an existing relationship between personality, conducts, intellectual level and volitive level, temper, and character in handwriting.

How to become a Graphologist: There is some extravagance, as seen in the wide margins and extra-wide word spacing. Are from people who need to get to objectives quickly, who are impatient, expeditious, who are resolved and not very reflexive.

The Graphologist must capture the variations a piece of writing has, which are the product of the brain that produces it, of evolution, maturity or involution reached in the period of time that went by from one sample to another.

The Associated Press sought to confirm the authenticity of the prayer note by publishing the handwritten letter that Senator Obama left at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial when he visited on Wednesday.

George W. Bush Jr.

It usually makes most experienced candidate uncomfortable, when it comes to handwriting. Changes in character that do not allow him to show himself clearly and getting across.

Determination is one positive trait that helps anyone achieve the goals one has set for self. The rightward extensions at the end of his first and last names A1, A2 are like a self-portrait showing that there is more to him than just a name. The short looped d stem is sensitivity to criticism of himself personally and the desire to be unique, one of a kind and not labeled or pigeon-holed.

Graphology is an additional tool that allows to get to know the consultants in a faster way, with the goal of orienting the therapy to be applied.About me. I am a qualified graphologist and certified document examiner.

I am Principal of the Cambridge School of Graphology which offers three distance learning courses to students worldwide. One is a Foundation Course which is mainly for those who want to know the basics of handwriting analysis and an Advanced Diploma Course for anyone wanting to become a professionally qualified graphologist.

Signature rising more than handwriting: the writer is showing their optimism and energy to the outside world, but some of this is just show. The reality, revealed in the less image-conscious handwriting, is a more balanced, level headed approach. Oct 03,  · Barack Obama's Signature Analysis: The Book- "Handwriting Analysis- Putting it Work for You" by Andrea McNichol.

Posted by Anuj Magazine at to get a feel for what the President's handwriting is truly like and to be able to obtain a more accurate analysis. I am not a trained graphologist; I've simply read a lot of books on the. obama’s signature — hand writing analysis Barack Obama, in His Own Hand Handwriting analysis may not be everyone’s favorite analytical tool, but millennia of such exterior methods have yielded largely intriguing and historically valid conclusions or observations.

Donald Trump Handwriting Analysis. Donald Trump Handwriting Analysis.

How to Become a Graphologist: Handwriting Analyst

Editor in Chief February 15, Tagged donald trump, handwriting analysis of donald trump, trump handwriting analysis, trump signature. 36. Signature is a unique style of writing one’s own name. It is a snapshot of your personality and discloses a lot about your character and general outlook in life.

Signature is also considered as an image that the writer is willing to show to the outer world.

Graphologist handwriting and signature analysis obama
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