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Children get hands-on and use LeapReaderTM and special activity worksheets to sort things that have spots, count to 30 in a connect-the-dots game, learn how different objects make unique sounds, draw wild animals and more.

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LeapFrog LeapReader Read & Write Series Writing Words Activity Set in Crushed Bo

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Search Product Result. LeapFrog® LeapReader™ Reading and Writing System - Green. Product - LeapFrog LeapStart Pre-Kindergarten Activity Book: First Day of School and Critical Thinking Product - LeapFrog® LeapStart™ Pre-K Read & Write Activity Book.

Leapfrog Leap Reader Read and Write Activity Set, Disney-Pixar Write It Imagination Activation in Educational Electronics. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LeapFrog LeapReader Read and Write Activity Set at librariavagalume.com Read honest and.

This comprehensive Read & Write set was developed by learning experts to help children develop mo LeapReaderTM Ready, Set, Kindergarten is a set of three interactive story books, 30 activity worksheets and a interactive poster designed to help children years old start school with confidence.

Features a LeapReader, activity sampler, Learning Paper writing sheet plus download 1 Audio Book Bundle, 1 Music Album and 1 Trivia Challenge pack Works with LeapReader and Tag books* (a library of + books, games and more).

Shop LeapFrog LeapReader Read and Write Activity Set. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £20 or more/5.

Leap reader read and write activity set
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