Rules of writing a press release

Most press releases are just spray and pray. But don't keep doing so, as it will prove superfluous and make your writing sound clunky. Suppose, your company name is Yourcompany, which is not a widely known company and runs a couple of hotels in, say, Shimla — a hill city.

So before drafting your press release, it's worth asking yourself these questions: People will share content if you give them something to share. Include your contact information. Will anyone actually care? This will also force you to condense your most salient information into a more readable document -- something journalists are always looking for.

This story originally ran on PR Daily in June Contact your top outlets personally. Exceptions are for prepositions e. Sub-headings and bullet points can be useful to make information easy to digest, particularly if you're including figures or statistics.

AP Style rules for numbers are a bit tricky. When you follow AP Style, drop that last comma. There is a source of natural color that cannot be replicated: Not proof reading the press release.

Misplacing the comma in a quotation. If the answer is "no", hold off on that press release until you've got a better story. They are meant to pique the interest of journalists, who may seek to cover the topic further.

The most important word should appear first. Because reporters are busy people, you must assume that they will only read the first sentence and then scan the rest -- and even that's a generous assumption.

But for this, your release should be in line with the requirements of digital media. Set these rules in stone if you really want to leverage digital media with the power of your press releases. Another trick is to imagine your story is going to be covered on a TV or radio programme.

Most of us are generally interested in things we haven't heard before, find surprising or help solve our problems. Test each link to make sure it works and that there are no typos. Be concise The ideal length of a press release is about an A4 side or about to words the length of a short news item.

That's just three or four short paragraphs and a couple of of quotes. Every important point should be addressed in the first few sentences. Worst case, a badly-written press release simply makes your firm look clueless and stupid.

One page is best -- and two is the maximum. While it can be a useful background document for journalists, a press release isn't a story. Luckily there are plenty out-of-work reporters out there right now.

Today releases go directly to news sites, bloggers and customers in addition to journalists. Email Last Updated Nov 10, 5: Get right to the point in the first paragraph.Jun 09,  · To write a press release, start with a catchy and concise headline that lets readers know what the press release is about.

Then, write a brief sentence paragraph that sums up the main point of the press release%(64). 8 Tips for Writing a Great Press Release. By Zach Cutler. Crafting a great press release is often the first step in securing a magazine feature or television interview -- and thus, more.

Nov 13,  · Press releases are an essential element of any public relations strategy. These short, compelling documents detail product releases, event announcements and other newsworthy items a company produces.

Press releases get sent to the attention of assignment editors at newspapers, television and radio stations, magazines, trade publications and other news outlets, and follow a specific format designed to work well within this type of news generation system (see “Format for a press release”).

6 AP Style rules for press releases

Nov 10,  · RULE #3: Write it like a reporter would write it. If your press release looks and feels like a real article, reporters will often just file it as a story with minimal editing.

Jun 13,  · How To Write A Press Release. Robert Wynne Contributor i. To summarize, here’s what everyone needs to know about writing a press release: Write a short, catchy headline.

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Rules of writing a press release
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