Wikileaks a cultural phenomenon

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The political relevance of documents and their verisimilitude will be revealed by a cast of thousands. Julian Assange answers your questions. Where did all those like-minded people come from?

Wikileaks: a Cultural Phenomenon Essay

WikiLeaks WikiLeaks proclaims itself as an electronic drop box of information. This is what Chomsky calls manufacturing consent, or engineering opinion. However, the Wikileaks phenomenon changes the characteristics of this concept.

InAssange declared: In developing the partnership with Wikileaks, the three international publications agreed not to reveal the names mentioned in the leaked documents. Users can publicly discuss documents and analyse their credibility and veracity. WikiLeaks effectively becomes of construct of the postmodern generation.

Quarterly Journal of Speech, 54, Internet enabled a freer distribution of information. The ethics of this group stem from the basic premise of freedom of opinion and speech, and the pursuit for them is relentless.

To think otherwise is an error that reflects a colossal misunderstanding of the nature of WikiLeaks and the subculture from which it emerged. Among the targets there were also the President Dilma Rousseffmany assistants and advisors, her presidential jet and other key figures in the Brazilian government.

Iraq War documents leak and Afghan War documents leak Gun camera footage of the airstrike of 12 July in Baghdad, showing the slaying of Namir Noor-Eldeen and a dozen other civilians by a US helicopter.

One incident was blown out of proportion and only selected aspects of the memoirs were highlighted. The political compass of these hacktivist groups has never pointed true right or true left—at least by our typical way of charting the political landscape.

Ready to fight back? Everyone started discussing WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks and Hacktivist Culture

The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda. Nayar explains this dissident culture with the help of two cultural constructs, whistle blowing and truth telling.

Due to this, a whole new social angle came into picture. He was troubled because "classmates made fun of him for being gay"; he was "ignored" by his superiors; he was "self-medicating.

Users can discuss interpretations and context and collaboratively formulate collective publications. While the court in Lille immediately refused to force OVH to deactivate the WikiLeaks website, the court in Paris stated it would need more time to examine the complex technical issue.

It was the internet. The Walt Disney Corporation. But the advent of web 2. Thus, transparency is one of the values that lead this non-profit media organization. Retrieved February 12,from http: These programmers were exposed by the Wrong Hands as having backgrounds not only in writing malicious code, but also other activities that violated the terms of service -- in particular, theft of intellectual property.

Generation W: WikiLeaks Ignites a New Generation of Hacktivists

Support Progressive Journalism The Nation is reader supported: The dissident culture is as old as propaganda itself. The organization relies on anonymous sources that leak classified information from corporations and government institutions. Let's begin by considering whether it is possible to take WikiLeaks offline, as called for in the Washington Post by former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen, who added that "taking [Assange] off the streets is not enough; we must also recover the documents he unlawfully possesses and disable the system he has built to illegally disseminate classified information.

Journalists from each media group were invited to furtive rendezvous in London. Of course, 4chan's "Operation Payback" was originally motivated by the draconian actions of lawyers trying to advance bogus copyright claims, but their basic underlying principle was the same hacktivist ethic motivating their defense of WikiLeaks: Will they collapse from the cost of expending energy on protecting their closed networks?

The leaks revealed information about deaths of civilians, Taliban attacks, and the involvement of Iran and Pakistan rebellion forces.

According to Assange, WikiLeaks' lawyers often work pro bono. Mashable Could this be an indicator of an underground nexus between the governments and the so called free market organizations? Theories of influence on mass media content.May 13,  · Tourism as a Cultural Phenomenon Tourism is global phenomenon that has evolved tremendously in the past century.

These transformations have depended on and benefited from the emergence of Western Capitalism and capitalist economies (Chambers 15). WikiLeaks (/ ˈ w ɪ k i l iː k s /) is The UK Information Commissioner has stated that "WikiLeaks is part of the phenomenon of the online, empowered citizen." During its first days, In popular culture.

A thriller about WikiLeaks was released in the United States on 18 October May 13,  · Wikileaks: a Cultural Phenomenon. has taken the world by storm.

It is being discussed everywhere, from Sudan to the White House. In this essay we try and explore the idea of WikiLeaks and how it affects our perception of the society. As time went on, and Wikileaks continued to release documents, UFO researchers began to search the Wikileaks archive for any mention of UFOs.

From curious cables and messages regarding the planet Nibiru, to UFO cult recruiting practices, to even a city mayor referring to ‘life on other planets’ – the content on Wikileaks created significant buzz in the UFO world.

this is to personalize-individualise what is really a cultural phenomenon.2 It draws breath from the subcultural hacker movement which arose primarily out of the belief (now the hacker credo): ‘information wants to be free’. WikiLeaks: A Cultural Phenomenon “quis custodiet ipsos custodies?” - Juvenal (Satire: ) The most often question often asked of democracy is, ‘who will watch the watchmen?’ And indeed, quite often forces rise to subvert the powers that be.

In democracy, information is power.

Wikileaks a cultural phenomenon
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